Direct Target Mail

Direct mail has been tested and proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools!

We help our clients reach their marketing goals by producing and mailing direct mail that gets results. We use the most recent print and digital formats with a proven track record to achieve our clients' goals.

Marketing Materials: ✦ Brochures ✦ Catalogs ✦ Newsletters ✦ Postcards ✦ Programs ✦ PowerPoint/Keynote presentation ✦ Sales letters

Step 1

✦ Establish objectives and goals

Step 2

✦ Pre-qualify your audience

Step 3

✦ Generate a *qualified lead mailing list

Step 4

✦ Develop a compelling offer and call to action

Step 5

✦ Design and print the mail piece

Step 6

✦ Link to website with QR code

Step 7

✦ Plan for the response

Step 8

✦ Mail the campaign

Direct Target Mail is a specialized marketing strategy, and we have outstanding results utilizing our proven client profiling techniques and specialized targeted lead list formations.

* A Qualified Lead is a prospect or business interested in a firm's product/service and is funneled into becoming a customer. We specialize in profiling your customers' type and criteria and identifying information that has been freely provided. Then direct target market to these individuals/businesses, steering them through your sales process and leading these now pre-sold clients to your "front door."

Don't wait for things to get better. Life will always be complicated. Act now before you run out of time, allowing life to become increasingly complicated!

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