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Expand My Business offers business development services so you can focus on your passion, making the most of your business.

We're a full-service consulting firm that delivers custom and proprietary solutions to support your growth. Whether you're a growing business, corporation, or an executive looking for customized coaching, we'll help you get there.

At Expand My Business, our focus is exclusively on your business development by providing you with a plan that combines proven techniques and processes with advanced technology. Our integrated approach will elevate your business and expand your presence in your market.

Our team of professionals will consult your business, make recommendations according to your unique needs and budget, develop a strategic course of action for the future and assist in implementing the plan.

Primary services include:

    ✦ Business Analysis
    ✦ Business Development Consulting
    ✦ Direct Email Marketing
    ✦ Direct Target Mail
    ✦ Operational Management 
    ✦ Startups  and Small Businesses
    ✦ Videography 

Website Creation

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For over 20 years, Expand My Business has delivered top-line growth by creating effective business development strategies and partnering with clients to drive substantial sales growth.

In today's competitive business environment, your organization requires the services of an experienced, results-driven, and forward-looking consulting partner. You need a reliable advisor who can help you leverage your core competencies and strengths to achieve sustainable success.

Watch the video as we share how we also support you through the process.


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