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Expand My Business

Startups, business owners, executives, and law offices we are here to support, advise and guide you with proven techniques, processes, and strategies. Expanding and developing your company increases your net profits, the services we offer include but are not limited to:

🔹 Business adjustment/pivot
🔹 Business development

🔹 Consulting, mentoring, and team building
🔹 Direct email marketing 

🔹 Direct mail target marketing

🔹 Marketing and advertising (online and offline)
🔹 Pre-sold lead system
🔹 Procedure and process planning 

🔹 Qualified lead generation
🔹 Strategies and campaigns

It's not all about selling!
Strengthening your company's stability is another critical factor to our dedicated business development team, which will additionally be exploring other areas of your business: 

🔹 Adjustable business model 

🔹 Generate a continuous revenue stream
🔹 Increasing business demand

🔹 Increasing net profitability 
🔹Reducing operational costs 

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Business Matters

Why Expand My Business?

Our team has spent years working in C-Suite executive positions in both the private and corporate sectors. We have the knowledge, expertise, experience, and proven results to accomplish what it takes to succeed in business.

There are many companies offering business advice, marketing, and advertising strategies. So what makes us stand out? We specialize in turning companies into sustainable and profitable businesses. Time and time again, our clients have witnessed and still enjoy the results.

The most successful businesses succeed when structured around the owner/CEO. Therefore first, we get to know you, discuss why you chose your particular industry, discuss your goals, and listen to what you want. 

While creating a business development plan geared to work for you and your company, we will provide recommendations and solutions regarding:

🔹 Company diversity
🔹 Further opportunities 
🔹 Qualified pre-sold lead system
🔹 Setting targets and goals

Throughout our journey together, we will be right by your side, supporting and assisting you in expediting your plans and celebrating your success.

Making Money Again!

COVID-19 Business Survival Package

Package includes:
🔹 Adjustment planning 
🔹 Business development consulting and solutions 
🔹 Direct email marketing 
🔹 Marketing campaign
🔹 Online content and copy
🔹 Create and execute the campaign and manage for the 1st month
🔹 Provide a B2B, residential/consumer qualified lead list
🔹  Create and Setup an email template 


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