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You may be sat at home, thinking about how you’re going to survive during this pandemic.

We have solutions in which will bring you business now!

Getting the right client!

We start by reaching out to the right qualified lead—someone who would benefit from your services and more likely schedule an appointment.

Are you not convinced? Take a look at how you got here today. You’re currently reading this text on our web page because you received a letter inviting you to visit this page or clicked an online link directing you to this very spot.

What can we do for you? There are a few “go-to” favorites attorneys and law offices consider when generating business.
Networking – Attend business events, and join business associations like BMI, work with financial advisors and real estate agents.
Referrals – Reach out to fellow attorneys, ask clients, or their local Chamber of Commerce.
Advertising – Send “Attorney solicitation” type mailings, purchase online and social media ads, newspaper and radio ads.

Does any of this sound familiar? If we were to share with you during the past decade for firms like yours, we have generated an average of 1,200 new prospective clients per year with a closing ratio of 93%. Simultaneously we ran business campaigns directed to existing clients, contributing a further 60% of revenue. Do we have your attention now?

How long does it take until you see results?

Answer: Two weeks from the start of the campaign launch!

Please don’t delay, contact us today!
Click the blue icon below, follow the prompts, or call (949) 933-9326 to schedule a consult.

The first consultation is complimentary. "You have nothing to lose, yet everything to gain!”  

We offer a wide range of business development strategies and solutions, ranging from advice to orchestrating webinars and seminars. Boosting your online presence, direct email marketing, website design, etc.   

Don't get caught up believing a few Facebook or Instagram ads will send you leads, generating sales.

Don't delay, connect today!

Direct Target Mail

Return On Investment (ROI) and profit margin (GPM)  percentages.

Actual client results!

Estate Planning Attorneys

With over a decade of experience and success in the estate planning industry. Expand My Business has generated millions of dollars of revenue for law firms.

Business Development Services

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