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Services and Fees

All the business development strategies, infrastructures, and campaigns we create are guaranteed to work for your company.

Our services apply to startups and/or established businesses.

All of our clients have experienced a strong return on investment and a substantial increase in their net profits!


Business Development

What to expect and the topics of discussion during a consultation:

1. Experienced and competent in business
2. Knowledge of your business
3. Passion
4. Mentorship
5. Support
6. Bring out your leadership skills
7. Ability to present and create strategic plans
8. Effective Training
🔹 communication skills training 
🔹 hiring / employment screening / employee retention
🔹 leadership development
🔹 management development
🔹 other types of targeted training
🔹 organizational leadership development
🔹 sales training
🔹 staff development
🔹 time management and productivity training
9. Hold you accountable
10. Measurable results

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Business Development 

What to expect when we analyze your company and its existing practices:

1. Provide company analysis, including its existing practices:
🔹 Accounting 
🔹 Human resources management
🔹 Marketing
🔹 Other related business development areas
2. Make recommendations regarding long-term goals
3. Offer to reduce operational costs options and solutions
4. Provide recommendations regarding continuous revenue stream increasing business and net profitability

Expand My Business plays a critical role in improving your company and or organization by assessing its strengths, human resources management, marketing, accounting, and other related duties and providing recommendations and strategic plans with credible solutions.

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Direct Email 

Online Marketing

After creating a Constant Contact account, we will start to create and format email-based campaigns for your company.

1. Create an account
2. Create email templates
3. Provide content, copy, and artwork
4. Setup contact folders and import lists
5. Setup subscription email and contact folder
6. 2 monthly emails per month
7. Manage a contact list
8. Share content across social media platforms

The messages, which may be text, HTML, or rich media, look like Web-based ads rather than typical email messages.

Furthermore, we will discuss the analytical reports with you and assist in managing/rearranging the lists according to the data provided (this increases ROI and sales.)

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Additional Available Packages 

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Direct Mail

One of the biggest benefits of Direct Target Mail is the ability to reach your ideal customer without mailing to the entire neighborhood.

We create the whole campaign, from providing qualified mailing lists to design and mailing.  

Website and Social Media

🔹 Assist with setting up a domain name and email
🔹 Create social media channels
🔹 Create a website
🔹 Link accounts
🔹 Provide copy, content, and photo's 
🔹 Setup and add content to a page(s)


Business Starter Package

The following is to start your business immediately and effectively. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your options in more detail: 

1. Constant Contact 
2. Website 
3. Google  
4. Branding
5. Presentation and Campaign 
6. YouTube channel
7. Social media channels
8. B2B or Consumer list 


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"You have nothing to lose, yet everything to gain!"

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